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Online Registration for QS Employer Survey for University Rankings 2025 cycle

受付期間/Period of Application: 2023-05-01~2024-02-02

This is the Registration Form for QS Employer Survey.

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 アカデミックの観点からの皆様の意見を反映させるグローバルサーベイにおいて、個人情報(名前、肩書、所属、メールアドレス)をQS Intelligence Unit (QSIU)へ提供することの承諾をお願いしたいというのが本案内の主旨でございます。皆様の公平な回答がサーベイの精度を高めることに貢献いたしますので、是非ご協力を頂けますと幸いです。


   We value our ongoing engagement with you and would like to be certain that we are not using your information for any purpose that you would prefer us not to. For the purposes of an important global survey of employer opinion, we would like to seek your permission to pass on your contact details (name, job title, institution and email address) to the QS Intelligence Unit (QSIU). We feel that your impartial responses would contribute to the insight and precision of the survey’s outcomes.

   If you consent to your contact details being passed to QSIU for this purpose exclusively, please register by the following registration form.

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