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HSI2020:The 6th Hitotsubashi Summer Institute_JADE-HSI 2020 Conference

Period of Application: 2020-10-20~2020-11-09

Dear All,

    This page is online registration form for HSI 2020: JADE-HSI 2020 Conference.

    The conference is held in collaboration with  the Japanese Association for Development Economics (JADE) and the Young JADE Conference.

    Please fill in the following information and click "Confirm" button.

       Date: November 14 (Sat)  The 2nd JADE Conference
                 November 15(Sun)   The Young Jade Conference
       JADE website

       All Sessions will be conducted with the Zoom Meeting
      If you want to register for another session in HSI2020 as well,  please check

We are afraid of this application has been closed.